Frequantly Asked Questions

 Are you also a shop?

Right now we are online shop, however we have a physical warehouse where you can pick up or exchange the goods. The adress is Mostgasse 2, 1040, Wien. Telephone number: +4367762539865

What are your shop hours?

We are online 24/7, however our warehouse has an operating hours:

Monday-Friday 10am-8pm Saturday 10am-5pm. Closed Sunday & Public Holidays.

Do you hold the same stock in your warehouse as you do online?

Not necessarily. Most of the products online get dispatched to customers direct from our suppliers' warehouses which is why we have many products on our website that we don’t stock in our warehouse.

     Always best to check first so please contact us.

Do you inflate balloons that have been bought elsewhere?

Yes we do. The cost depends on the type of balloon.

Please note that if the balloon is faulty we still charge for the gas which we used

Do you deliver inflated balloons?

Yes we do. Please check our delivery page!

Please chat with us on +4367762539865 for more information

Do you provide a balloon decorating service?

At this moment we do not offer a decorating service. However, we are happy to offer you 

our well-designed sets of balloons which you can find in each occasion section

How long do the balloons float?

This is an approximate guide as many factors can come into play such as room temperature. 11” helium filled latex balloons will float 8-12 hours. They can have their float time extended by being treated with Hi Float gel. 18” helium-filled foil balloons will look at their best for 3-5 days but will float for much longer.

Please call us on +4367762539865 for more information

If I buy balloons from your website will they arrive inflated with helium?

You can choose either you want them inflated or deflated. For delivery outside of Vienna & surroundings

we must send them flat, however we are happy to discuss every possibility.

Can you deliver at a specific time?

Ussually we work during our business time. However we would love to discuss and 

find a suitable time for delivery even not in our business hours.

Is it dangerous to suck in helium?

Helium is a safe, natural, non-toxic, non-inflammable, inert gas. However, although not poisonous, when inhaled it can be harmful, even deadly. When inhaling helium, the body & brain are deprived of oxygen which can result in suffocation. Also, helium is very cold when it leaves the tank & could freeze vocal chords. DO NOT INHALE!

Are the balloons and ribbon biodegradable?

The latex balloons that we sell are biodegradable but not the foil balloons and plastic bubbles.

The ribbon is also not biodegradable. PLEASE check our RECYCLE PAGE.

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